Worship Through Obedience

I’m recognizing there is a fine line between legalism and being purposeful in reflecting Christ in our daily activities. Does being “all things to all people” mean using foul language or laughing at an inappropriate joke? If it’s not about the dos and donts, how can we be a representation of Christ? The Bible says that they knew Peter was a disciple because he spoke like Jesus. He had to curse to try to convince them that he was not a follower.

As the conviction sets in my own heart, I encourage you to ask yourself… What sets you apart? It’s not up to us to shove it down anyone’s throat by saying, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.” like Christians tend to do, especially with unbelievers. However, the new “Christian trend” I’m noticing, is doing the exact opposite. We’ve adopted the mindset of… “I’m gonna do whatever I want, have a little more to drink, curse every now and then, watch that inappropriate clip, listen to that secular station, just as my mission to show them that I’m no different, but I can still have a personal relationship with Jesus.” The only reason they probably know you are a Christian is because… you go to church every Sunday?? Is this your way of being a light in a dark world?

Let’s start treating Christianity as more of a lifestyle and less like a hobby. Let’s be intentional, without being rule-driven or legalistic, not because we need to SHOW them, but simply because it pleases God.

“You will know them by their fruits.” -Matt 7:16

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