Redefined Meaning: Living with Passion

As we continue to discover what it means to be Redefined Christians, we find Christ is the one who defines us. We are destined to find our identity in Him. Alternatively, a Christian who finds his or her identity in the world is forced into slavery to a vanishing existence. Work becomes meaningless, purposeless, and hopeless because of the ever-changing, fickle nature of life. As Solomon stresses in the Spirit-inspired book, Ecclesiastes, no job, hobby, mission, or relationship will remain until the end of time. Our temporary lives will nevermore please us in the deep and intimate way we crave to be satisfied. As a young child struggles to place the correct shapes in wooden forms, we often place a square where a circle ought to be. We must allow the “course correcting” process to refine us; but, it may hurt at times. As the wise King Solomon said, “Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us” [Emphasis Added] (Ecc. 7:3, NLT).

Within our course correcting, we must redirect our eyes to Jesus, because He alone is the one who gives us meaning. It is for His glory that we raise strong, God-fearing children. It is for His glory we pursue education. It is for His glory we help the little old lady bag her groceries in the checkout line. Everything we do, and everything we say must be done to the best of our ability for Jesus - not for our own gain, or to please others, but for God’s glory and path to be revealed in our stories.  He did it all for us, so we must give our best to Him.

As the grime starts to build up under your fingernails, and sweat forms at your brow, be encouraged that a day’s hard work comes from the Lord. Solomon, again, speaks of the hardworking people when he says, “They seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart” (Ecc. 5:20, NIV). This principle is weaved through the story of when the prophet Elisha visited a woman who almost lost everything. The woman’s husband had just died, and her sons were going to be taken as slaves to satisfy a debt taken on during this family’s misfortune. She had nothing left but a little oil, and guided by God, Elisha instructed her to pour it out into jars. Instead of running out of oil, the flow continued until they could find no other jar anywhere. This testimony is a perfect example of what God calls us to do through Solomon’s revelations. We need to pour out everything we possibly can, all in God’s name, and He will provide the rest. He will take our little, and turn it into much.

As you and I continue to have our meaning in Christ redefined, I ask that you will pour out everything you have alongside me. Let’s put in one hundred percent for Jesus, because it is only then we will find a meaningful purpose in Him.