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Zion will serve with Integrity International volunteers as the "Blight Team" removing over growth from houses around the Neighborhood surrounding Duffee Elementary School in inner city Detroit. Additional work such as planting trees, gardens, etc may come into play as well but this is secondary.

Where: Duffee Elementary School and surrounding neighborhood.
If you want to arrive at the work site later, you are welcome to drive directly to Duffee Elementary School at the following address:

2470 Collingwood Street

Detroit, MI 48206

When: October 1, 2018 to October 6, 2018.  You can work the whole day or there are two shifts; 9AM - 12PM and 12PM - 4PM. If you want to carpool, the only meet up time is at 8AM at Zion. Everyone will leave promptly at 8:30AM to arrive at Duffee Elementary School by 9AM. Call the church for more information about carpooling.


Past outreaches

EDEN Gardens

Integrity International, and Zion Loves would like to thank everyone who helped out with this year's Eden Gardens project as well as let you know what was accomplished. We cleared 65 houses and several fields and sidewalks of trees, bushes, vines, and other growth which draws crime to this community in inner city Detroit. This was accomplished with twenty volunteers from Zion, three Integrity International volunteers, five people from the community, and 8 volunteers from Germany and their local coordinator. This work will decrease the crime rate in this area and make it safer for those living there. At the end there was a community building BBQ which several volunteers assisted with and two additional members of the community. Thank you again to those of you who assisted and made a difference in these people's lives. Imagine what could be accomplished with just twenty more volunteers from Zion or, better yet, the entire congregation. The number of completed houses could be 130 or even the whole neighborhood. Please volunteer for our next event, take church to the streets, and Be Jesus Hands...... Be Jesus Feet....... Stay tuned for more from Zion Loves.


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