In His Presence

In His Presence

Zion, God is calling us deeper in Him. Our mandate from the pulpit has been to "redefine our purpose" in Him. Redefining our purpose cannot be done without approaching the throne, Spirit to Spirit, allowing His Spirit to flow over us, transforming us in His presence. 

[Roaring] deep calls to [roaring] deep at the thunder of Your waterspouts; all Your breakers and Your rolling waves have gone over me. Psalm 42:7

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Show 'Em Whatcha Got

Show 'Em Whatcha Got

I am a big fan of TV talent shows. I watch them live and often I follow up and watch them again (and again) on YouTube. I'm a sucker for the headline "Best performers from season 18!"

If we are talking about “America’s Got Talent” or “The Voice”, I love that the contestants have such a passion for what they do. Whether they have loads of talent or hardly any talent at all, these people put their hopes and dreams (and sometimes careers) on the line to perform for the world and showcase their talents. They would risk getting a buzzer or not having a chair turn for them - all for the sake of pursuing their dreams.

What talents do you possess and what passion are you pursuing?

Joy to the World!


We are so excited to announce our Christmas 2016 Production: Joy to the World! The team has been working hard on this and we think it will be the best one yet!

It has been on all of our hearts this year that we should celebrate the cultures of the world and come together with a unified purpose. With all the fear and fighting among the nations, cultures, states and so on, this is the moment to rise up and join hands in celebration of Jesus as we celebrate each other. 

So join us on December 22nd or 23rd at 7pm and bring your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors or even strangers to see this beautiful production. Get your free tickets today at

What A Beautiful Name

It seems like every week, our favorite worship bands have been releasing new albums. Nothing excites me more than to open up Spotify and see a new release from Hillsong or Bethel. This week here in the Zion office, we've been blasting Hillsong's new album "Let There Be Light". 

There are so many songs that have been resonating with me personally, such as "Behold (Then Sings My Soul)" and "Let There Be Light", but the song that has brought me to my knees this week has been "What A Beautiful Name". We've been worshipping for the past couple of weeks in service to this song, and I've been playing it on repeat, at home, in my office, in my car and just about everywhere else. 

"You have no rival, You have no equal. Now and forever God you Reign. "

This week has been so chaotic with all the political fights between everyone everywhere you look. This song has given me such a peace in this time. Jesus has no rival, no equal. He holds us and is our champion in every situation. Today I am choosing to worship Him and place my trust fully in Him. He has us, he has this nation and he has you. Look up "What A Beautiful Name" on youtube, Spotify, Apple Music or however else you stream your music and worship with me. Choose to trust Jesus today.